Vital Ways LifeLock Can Help Protect Your Business

LifeLock, the most recognized brand in identity theft protection, has been an industry leader for over a decade. The core of our data comes through our proprietary ID Network, powered by ID Analytics. We can help you create a competitive employee recruiting edge, generate new revenue and mitigate risk. And we pride ourselves on being very easy to work with.

Employee Benefit Solutions

Employee Benefit Solutions

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  • Offer an essential employee benefit
  • Help mitigate risk to employer groups
  • Integrate with private exchanges and benefit groups
  • Dedicated implementation and account support
  • Offer employees an essential benefit
  • Improve employee retention, engagement and productivity
  • Help mitigate risk and reduce employee distraction
  • Offer the most recognized identity theft protection brand
Help Protect Customers

Help Protect Customers

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Offer LifeLock to your customers:

  • Discover new revenue opportunities
  • Differentiate your offering
  • Help attract and retain customers
  • Dedicated account management team
Breach Response Services

Breach Response Services

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Has your company experienced:

  • Hacking attempts
  • Stolen HR files or laptops
  • Lost Personally Identifiable information
  • Phishing scams

Get peace of mind now.

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