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About LifeLock

About LifeLock Business Solutions

If you’re looking to grow revenue while offering a valued service, consider partnering with LifeLock Business Solutions.

LifeLock is a leading provider of identity theft protection in these areas:

Since 2005, we have been leaders in identity theft protection, leveraging unique data, science and patented technology to provide threat detection, proactive identity alerts, and comprehensive data breach remediation services — the cornerstones of our business.

Today, we have over 3.89 million LifeLock members and an over 87%* retention rate.

As a LifeLock partner, you can provide what people want: identity theft protection.

In doing so, you can experience increased retention, recurring revenue and other benefits to bring value to your organization and your customers, members and employees.

LifeLock Business Solutions can help you achieve your business goals through our effective and proven marketing models, advanced alert technologies and exceptional customer service.

  • It’s easy to offer LifeLock protection. LifeLock identity theft protection is a highly-relevant service and one of the easiest third-party products to offer. Our LifeLock partner programs include robust marketing, implementation and customer service.
  • LifeLock protection helps improve customer retention. We’ve had tremendous success helping partners lengthen retention as well as increase the average lifetime value of their customers, increasing revenue per member. See what LifeLock partners have to say.

And, should a data breach ever occur, you can count on our LifeLock Breach Solutions experts to work with your loss and quickly restore confidence.

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*As of 4/29/15.