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Affinity Programs

Affinity Programs

Offer your members help with identity theft risks


Strengthen your member retention by offering trusted identity theft protection.

When it comes to Affinity programs, we’ve had tremendous success helping customers and increasing revenue per member. LifeLock identity theft protection is known to be one of the most relevant third-party products you can offer members.

It’s a smart member-retention strategy that provides a meaningful, valued benefit. And with a LifeLock member retention rate of over 87%*… your business can continue to develop highly-engaged customers as well as bring in additional revenue as an Affinity Programs partner. Offer the value-added member benefit that sets you apart.

5 More Reasons to Consider Offering LifeLock Protection

  • Help proactively safeguard your members’ credit and finances

  • Align with a well-known, trusted brand in identity theft protection

  • Offer high-value innovative monitoring technology and alert tools

  • Reduce churn by giving members another reason to stay with you

  • Generate long-term recurring non-dues revenue from subscribers

Offer LifeLock Protection

LifeLock members are LOYAL members. Request a personal consultation to evaluate this member-retention perk.


Network does not cover all transactions.
*As of 4/29/15.