Provide peace of mind and raise your benefits to a new level with LifeLock.

LifeLock is the most-recognized identity theft protection. And it's one of the
most relevant and timely employee benefits you can offer.


Leverage LifeLock protection as an acquisition differentiator and strengthen your role as a trusted advisor and industry leader. You will lead the way by helping your clients mitigate the risk of lost employee productivity and differentiate their services.

By partnering with LifeLock, an industry leader, you’ll help re-engage, retain and deepen client relationships. You’ll provide a turnkey solution for a powerful benefit that employees really value. LifeLock will do the heavy lifting, you’ll reap the rewards and praise.

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Identity Theft Protection Services that Employees Want

In 2017, over 140 million hours were spent by identity theft victims trying to solve their issue.1

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