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LifeLock is the most-recognized identity theft protection. And it's one of the
most relevant and timely employee benefits you can offer.

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The LifeLock Essential Benefit

Employers can help mitigate risk by providing identity theft protection as an employee benefit.

Enhance Your Portfolio at a Reduced Rate

We’ll partner with you to help fund this benefit.

Add Value to Your Benefit Portfolio

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The Employee Benefit that
Earns its Keep.

Employer Paid

The LifeLock Essential Benefit - That Earns its Keep.

Over a third of employers offered identity theft protection in 2016. Help safeguard your business and reduce employee downtime and distractions, while attracting better talent and separating your company from the competition with a fully-funded benefit that’s in high demand.1

Offering and covering the cost for LifeLock identity theft protection can provide you with protection for your business and employees.

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The Buck Stops Here. Share in the Benefit of Peace of Mind.


Share the Benefit of Peace of Mind – at a Reduced Rate

Choose the most recognized brand in the identity theft protection industry and get the best identity theft resolution in the business.

Show employees you value their identity enough to help them protect it. Employer contributions reduce the cost for the employee while helping to mitigate company risk. You’ll also help reduce employee distractions and time off from work.

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The Benefit Employees Can Really See the Benefit Of.


Enhance Your Portfolio – with a Benefit Employees Want

Employers recognize the need to offer protection for employees’ identities. And, employees want it.

Add LifeLock to your benefits portfolio and differentiate yourself from other companies with a best-in-class, relevant product that helps protect your business and employees.

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LifeLock for Employee Benefits Programs

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Identity Theft Protection Services that Employees Want

Employers recognize the need to offer protection for employees’ identities. And, employees want it. See how Lifelock impacts outcomes by helping to mitigate risk and reduce employee distraction and downtime. Sign up today by contacting your broker representative.

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