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Re-engage and retain your workforce with LifeLock for Employee Benefits programs.

Here’s a great solution for a growing threat: Expand the value of your employee benefits package and help employees manage risk with the LifeLock identity theft protection services employee benefit. With 12.7 million US adults falling victim to identity theft in 20141, your employees can be at risk. You can help by offering LifeLock, an industry leader in identity theft protection services. Not only does LifeLock help to safeguard employees with advanced monitoring and a proprietary alert system, it’s a unique and highly-valued benefit that can help you attract and retain exceptional employees. Media reports are rampant with stories of identity theft on a major scale and identity theft was the number one consumer complaint category in 2013.2 Position your company as a forward-thinker and offer this timely and valuable offering that can also help you:

  • Retain, re-engage and deepen employee relationships
  • Help your employees stay protected, satisfied and productive at work
  • Differentiate your company and offerings from competitors

Identity Theft Protection Services that Employees Want

Identity theft is a prevalent crime. Here’s how to help.

  • Flexible, affordable options that fit into your existing enrollment and payment process

  • A partner constantly working for your employees by monitoring their identity, scanning for threats and responding on their behalf

  • Relief in the form of less down time and more productivity

LifeLock for Employee Benefits Programs

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Network does not cover all transactions. 1“2015 Identity Fraud,” Javelin Strategy & Research, 2015 2“Consumer Sentinel Network Data Book 2014,” Federal Trade Commission, February 2015