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Financial Services

Financial Services

Differentiate your
services to build better customer relationships


Help protect and retain your customers with LifeLock for Financial Services.

LifeLock identity theft protection services help protect your customers’ financial well-being while offering you the potential to increase customer revenue and retention. Customers want identity theft protection — and recent research from Forrester shows that a key driver in earning customers’ trust is to offer high quality products, like identity theft protection.1 Protect them and improve your customer revenue by offering LifeLock identity theft protection. Let us show you how LifeLock customer retention strategies can improve revenue, drive loyalty and trust.

They already trust you with their money. Now you can help protect their financial future.

As a LifeLock Business Solutions partner, you can:

  • Help proactively safeguard your customers’ credit and finances

  • Align with a well-known brand in identity theft protection

  • Offer high-value innovative monitoring technology and alert tools

  • Differentiate your services with a powerful combination of proprietary technology, relevance, retention and customer engagement

See more benefits of LifeLock identity theft protection for businesses.

Customer Retention Strategies for Financial Services

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Network does not cover all transactions. 1”Financial Service Brands Fail To Earn TRUE Consumer Trust,” by Forrester Research. October 2013. Updated January 2014.