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Helping protect your customers is what you do. Take it to the next level and help safeguard their identity with LifeLock Business Solutions.

LifeLock identity theft protection is a natural fit with insurance, because like you —LifeLock is helping protect your clients. And identity theft can be a real risk. 6.2% of US adults have been victims of identity theft in the past 12 months.1 12.7 million people in the US were identity theft victims in 2014.Once every two seconds criminals commit identity fraud.2 These statistics and more demonstrate identity theft risks.

  • Direct and indirect losses from identity theft totaled $16 billion in 2014. 2
  • Among identity theft victims, existing bank (37%) or credit card (40%) were the most common types of misused information. 3
  • On average, victims of identity theft lose over $750.1

LifeLock gives you a relevant way to positively re-engage with customers and provide additional value. And, our service alerts continually remind customers that they have protection, which can drive value and loyalty for agents and brokers.

Why LifeLock for Insurance Customers?

Every two seconds criminals commit identity fraud.2

  • Help proactively safeguard your policyholders’ credit and finances

  • Align with a well-known brand in identity theft protection

  • Offer high-value innovative monitoring technology and alert tools

  • Differentiate your services with proprietary technology and unmatched customer service

  • Deepen your bond with customers by delivering extra protection

See more benefits of LifeLock identity theft protection for businesses.

Customer Retention Strategies for Insurance Providers

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Network does not cover all transactions. 1 Identity Theft Tracking Study, a commissioned survey conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of LifeLock, April/May 2014 based on previous 12-month time frame. 2“2015 Identity Fraud,” Javelin Strategy & Research, 2015 3Victims of Identity Theft,” US Department of Justice 2012