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Breach Solutions

Breach Solutions

Help protect your customers and your good name


Help minimize loss and quickly restore confidence with LifeLock Data Breach Solutions.

After a data breach, the most valuable thing you can lose is TRUST. LifeLock Data Breach Solutions help you quickly restore public confidence and avoid unnecessary costs. A dedicated Data Breach Relationship Manager will work with your team to establish a rapid response plan. Through communication, appropriate filings and an identify theft protection plan, you’ll help ease customer worry, minimize loss and help protect against further damage. Help protect your customers — and your company — with LifeLock Data Breach Solutions.

How LifeLock Breach Solutions takes action:

  • Support from our award-winning domestic Member Services team
  • A breach solution tailored to your specific business needs
  • Draft communication materials to help guide your outreach efforts
  • Comprehensive identity theft protection
  • Patented LifeLock technology and tracking
  • Trust from your customers: our ultimate objective is to help minimize your customers’ losses and maximize their trust in you

It could be just a matter of time before your company experiences a data breach. LifeLock helps you move beyond your security breach and help regain trust. So everyone can get back to business. Check out some infographics to help you understand when, where and how your data can be put at risk.Breached - How Data Can Be at Risk - Infographic - LifeLock    

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