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After a data breach, the most valuable thing to preserve is trust.

Be prepared for a data breach with a pre-negotiated data breach plan.

LifeLock offers a proactive solution that monitors credit, bank and file sharing data and helps protect your customers in ways mere credit monitoring alone cannot. We are an industry leader and proactively detect identity theft before damage can be done to your customers’ identities. In the event of a data breach, LifeLock Business Solutions can help you say and do the right thing. Without a rapid response, the long-term effects on your company can be devastating. How you handle a data breach says a great deal about your company’s integrity. Together, we’ll design a Breach Response Plan tailored to the specific needs of your business. The plan will help you:

  • Initiate a rapid and appropriate response
  • Communicate clearly to people at risk
  • Establish identity theft protection for your customers
  • Track and monitor results

With a LifeLock Data Breach Plan in place, you’ll be able to timely fulfill federal and state notification requirements and calm some of the concerns of your investors and customers.

Having a LifeLock pre-negotiated data breach plan in place costs you nothing until you need it. Not having a data breach plan could cost you plenty.

After a data breach, the most valuable thing to preserve is trust. The failure to protect a consumer’s personal information can lead to a loss of confidence, severely damaging your brand equity. And it can be very difficult and expensive to regain. That’s why having a data breach plan in place is important. There is no out-of-pocket costs to create a pre-negotiated data breach plan with LifeLock. And should a data breach occur, the fiscal aspects of your plan are set. No surprises.

The time to prepare is now.

Schedule an appointment with a LifeLock Data Breach Manager and take the first step to create a plan for a possible data breach. Be proactive and protect the brand equity you’ve earned with your customers.

It could be a matter of time before your company experiences a data breach.

  • Major companies have been hit by data breaches
  • In fact, once every two seconds someone is a victim of identity theft¹
  • Concern about the risk of data breach is at its highest level in recent times

Network does not cover all transactions.

¹Identity Theft Tracking Study, a commissioned survey conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of LifeLock, April/May 2014 based on previous 12 month time frame.