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Member Experience

Members experience a simple sign-up process, multiple levels of coverage, monitoring and a proprietary alert system.

With LifeLock, you can be confident you’re providing your customers, members and employees proactive identity theft protection services that help safeguard their personally-identifiable information now and in the future. A simple sign-up process, multiple levels of coverage to choose from, and cutting-edge technology and systems all work together to help LifeLock enjoy a member retention rate of over 87%* and a Net Promoter Score of 55.

Member Enrollment

Your customer/member/employees’ enrollment process is easy-to-understand with clear steps to guide them through. It starts with you as the LifeLock partner obtaining your organization-specific promotional code, continues through an online or phone-based sign-up, and concludes with LifeLock providing confirmations and ongoing support for their questions and requests.

Enrollment Steps

  1. You send your customers/members/employees a communication with LifeLock enrollment instructions.
  2. Customer/member/employee visits LifeLock.com or calls 800-LifeLock to enroll in the service.
  3. Customer/member/employee chooses from multiple levels of protection.
  4. Customer/member/employee completes the required information.
  5. LifeLock verifies enrollment information and processes request.
  6. Customer/member/employee receives enrollment confirmation via web page, Welcome Letter via email, and Welcome Kit via USPS.
  7. Customer/member/employee contacts LifeLock for all account-related questions.

Ongoing Monitoring and Alerts

With proactive monitoring alerts, LifeLock® identity theft protection services help provide an industry-leading protection for your customers/members/employees’ personally-identifiable information.

  • New members log into our personalized member portal to see alerts and identity protection tips and best practices.
  • LifeLock sends alerts through its patented LifeLock identity Alert® system by email, SMS text or IVR using our proprietary Not Me® alert system.†**
  • Our Not Me® verification technology allows members to respond immediately to indicate whether it’s a legitimate transaction (e.g., member willingly applying for credit) or whether it may be attempted identity theft.
  • Identity Restoration Specialists handle cases from beginning to end, walking a victim through all the steps, sending necessary materials and even facilitating calls and requests in order to help restore the victim’s name.
  • Members receive ongoing communications from LifeLock including monthly updates, news and data breach notifications.


Choose LifeLock Business Solutions for industry-leading identity theft protection for your customers, members and employees; and additional value and recurring revenue for your business.

*As of 4/29/2015.
Network does not cover all transactions.
**Fastest alert requires member’s current email address.