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Identity Theft vs. Your Workforce

Do employers realize how identity theft could impact their workforce? LifeLock as an employee benefit can help reduce the risks associated with identity theft for their employees.

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Benefit Elite Overview Brochure

The better the service, the better the protection.

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Co-Sponsored Employee Benefit - Employer Flyer

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LifeLock Protection Levels Fact Sheet

When our members evaluate the scope of protection, it’s easy to appreciate the value.

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Nobody plans for identity theft.

Learn how to protect your business and your employees.

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Why Partner With LifeLock?

Get a real competitive edge by offering LifeLock as an employee benefit.

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Cashing In On Employee Benefits Programs

Human resources departments search regularly for new ways to engage their employees.

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See how you can help increase employee retention and engagement

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Helping protect their identities and helping protect their nest eggs

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LifeLock Employee Benefits Brochure

The smartest employee benefit is identity theft management.

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Employee Flyer Elite, Standard, Advantage, Ultimate Plus

To help protect you and your family, you need an alert system for your identity

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LifeLock Benefit Elite Video

LifeLock is proud to provide a new benefit, Benefit Elite.

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Why Employees Need Identity Theft Protection

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Your Business Is Constantly Moving. Make Sure Your Benefits Keep Up.

Partnering with LifeLock improves employee retention and engagement

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