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Why LifeLock

Identity theft protection for your customers, members and employees. Additional value and recurring revenue for your business.

Identity theft is top-of-mind with your customers, members and employees. Media reports regularly feature stories of identity theft on a major scale and identity theft was the number one consumer complaint category in 2013.1 Position your company as a forward-thinker and offer this timely and valuable offering that can also help you:

  • Retain, re-engage and deepen client relationships
  • Add an incremental revenue stream
  • Differentiate your organization and offerings from competitors

How Pervasive is Identity Theft?

6.2% of US adults have been victims of identity theft in the past 12 months.2 12.7 million people in the US were identity theft victims in 2014.3 Every two seconds criminals commit identity fraud.3 These statistics and more demonstrate the severity of identity theft risk.

  • Direct and indirect losses from identity theft totaled $16 billion in 2014.3
  • Among identity theft victims, existing bank (37%) or credit card (40%) were the most common types of misused information.4
  • On average, victims of identity theft lose over $750.2

How Identity Theft Protection Services are Different from Credit Monitoring Service Alone


Credit monitoring notifications might be able to alert you to fraud after it has occurred on a specific credit card; but frankly, fraudsters don’t confine themselves to transactions noticed by the credit bureaus or your bank. There are many other accounts, schemes and areas that can be impacted by fraud. From wireless and bank accounts to payday loans to change-of-address applications and more, LifeLock monitors these transactions and applications.††

When something suspicious occurs, we alert you through our proprietary Not Me® alert system.†* Credit bureaus may take weeks or even months. That’s a lot of time for damage to take place.

Learn more about the differences between LifeLock identity theft protection services and credit monitoring.

Why Partner with LifeLock?

  • LifeLock identity theft protection services use innovative monitoring technology and alert tools to help proactively safeguard your members’ credit and finances. Every time a member receives one of these alerts, they can be reminded of the importance of their membership in your organization.
  • Customers highly recommend LifeLock: our Net Promoter Score (a trademarked loyalty metric that measures the loyalty between a provider and a consumer) is 55. An NPS over 50 is viewed as excellent.
  • With a retention rate of over 87%**, LifeLock offers significantly better retention than other third-party products.
  • The ability to customize a plan and engage with a dedicated implementation and marketing support team makes offering LifeLock protection an amenable process without slowing down your business.


Identity Theft Risk is Real

  • 6.2% of US adults have been victims of identity theft in the past 12 months.2
  • 12.7 million people in the US were identity theft victims in 2014.3
  • Every two seconds criminals commit identity fraud.3

Offer LifeLock Protection

*Fastest alerts require member’s current email address
Network does not cover all transactions.
††LifeLock Ultimate Plus for bank accounts.
**As of 4/29/15

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2Identity Theft Tracking Study, a commissioned survey conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of LifeLock, April/May 2014 based on previous 12-month time frame.
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4Victims of Identity Theft,” US Department of Justice 2012